San Francisco 49ers

Jerry Rice says Trey Lance shares qualities with Joe Montana, Steve Young

The San Francisco 49ers drafted quarterback Trey Lance to be their QB of the future, that much is clear.

But when will he start his tenure as signal-caller in Santa Clara? Time will tell, but incumbent starter Jimmy Garoppolo’s play this season has put the coronation on hold. One NFL all-time great sees big things in Lance’s future, however.

And he’s a heavy hitter in 49ers land. Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice says that Lance shares qualities with two of his former teammates — 49ers Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks Joe Montana and Steve Young.

Don’t believe me? It is a tad audacious. So here are Rice’s comments, courtesy of the Associated Press’ Rob Maaddi.

That’s some statement. But Rice may be a bit biased. As Rice says, Lance won the Jerry Rice Award while at North Dakota State.

Plus, Lance endorses a Jerry Rice product, G.O.A.T Fuel.

Still, Rice’s own endorsement of Lance is a big deal. He knows exactly what it takes to get to the top of the NFL. I’ve got to figure that’s a large reason Lance was brought in to endorse G.O.A.T Fuel in the first place.

Overall, the Lance situation is an intriguing one in San Francisco. The 49ers traded valuable draft picks to select Lance with the No. 3 pick in this year’s NFL Draft. But the team was a preseason favorite to make a run at the Super Bowl, and they’re coming on lately without any help from Lance at all.

But Lance’s day will eventually come. Rice thinks he has what it takes. What do you think? Did the 49ers waste a draft pick in Lance? Or is he the future? I can’t wait to see how the Lance situation plays out. And neither can Rice, clearly.

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