Golden State Warriors

LeBron James fudges the truth about Warriors players in health and safety protocols

The Warriors beat the Suns without two starters on Christmas Day, but Lakers forward LeBron James must have missed the memo.

After the Lakers lost to the Nets right after the Warriors notched their win in Phoenix, James said that most teams in the NBA have had to deal with players in the league’s health and safety protocols, implemented due to the pandemic.

But he claimed to think that two teams — the front-running Suns and Warriors — had avoided the situation. Two of Golden State’s top scorers this season, Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins, have missed multiple games lately, including on Christmas Day.

Here’s a very unofficial but well-done video of James’ claim. You can watch the official press conference here, with James making his statement about the Warriors and Suns at the eight-minute mark or so.

I can only assume that since the Suns and Warriors have the NBA’s two best records, James figured their rosters were intact. That’s true for the Suns, but not the Warriors.

Also, an update: Jordan Poole has returned to the Bay Area and figures to return to the roster soon. But forward Draymond Green entered health and safety protocols on Sunday.

So the Warriors clearly have heath issues. But James’ gaffe was just that — an unintentional blunder. And a pretty funny one, too. But with the Lakers struggling mightily, he has plenty on his plate, so it’s definitely understandable.


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