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Look: Klay Thompson clowns around with Jonathan Kuminga’s rain boots on Christmas Day

The Warriors had an extremely productive Christmas this year, beating their new rival atop the Western Conference, the Suns, on the road in Phoenix.

It was a tightly contested, playoff-type basketball game, but it wasn’t all serious business for Golden State on this national holiday. Look at guard Klay Thompson clowning around pregame, courtesy of NBC Sports and by way of Jonathan Kuminga’s Instagram account.

That’s fantastic stuff. According to Warriors Reddit, the rain boots actually belong to Kuminga, the Warriors rookie forward. Thompson, the veteran three-time NBA champion, certainly has rights to any rookie’s belongings. It’s the law of the NBA jungle.

It’s all for laughs, obviously, and you can hear Kuminga chuckling on his video. It made for a loose vibe that certainly didn’t hurt Kuminga’s performance on the court, filling in for some veterans that are in the NBA’s health and safety protocols.

As for Thompson, his long-awaited return from multiple injuries is finally drawing near. Look for him back on the court sometime in January. It’s been far too long since Thompson made it rain during live-action, though his pregame performance certainly did the trick on Christmas Day.

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