Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green reveals some of Kevin Durant’s favorite trash talk lines

When Draymond Green takes on the topic of best trash talker in the NBA, it seems a bit off.

Isn’t Green the NBA’s best trash talker? Many league observers consider that to be the case, as does Green himself. So when Green broached the subject on his podcast, The Draymond Green Show, he pointed the spotlight at another elite trash talker: former NBA champion in Golden State and current Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant.

Here’s a clip from Green’s show, which thankfully features a glimpse at Green’s world-famous trash talk session aimed at ex-NBA player Paul Pierce. Green also reveals some of Durant’s favorite methods for talking junk on an NBA court.

That’s high praise from the trash talk master himself, and it’s great insight regarding Durant’s methods, too.

They call Durant the “Slim Reaper” because his skills are deadly on the court, and that seems to free him up for some creative trash talk — ultra “disrespectful” as Green put it.

A fine example of that disrespect can be found in a recent Nets vs. Hawks game. Durant and Hawks star Trae Young had some words, with Durant treating Young as though he could, ahem, do anything he wanted to him on the court.

How’s that for mind games?

But Green is still No. 1. He relies on “Strength in Numbers” for his trash talk. As an essential part of the Warriors’ ongoing dynasty, Green’s teammates — most notably Stephen Curry — are always there to back up Green’s talk, if he doesn’t do so himself.

Green always backs his talk up on the defensive end, however. He’s the perfect weapon to place alongside Curry, who is more soft-spoken when it come to trash talk but lights up the scoreboard at a historic rate. Altogether, it’s no surprise that many NBA fans can’t wait for the Warriors’ dynasty to end. It’s still going strong, however, and they had better prepare form more trash talk from Green as the Warriors tear through the NBA.

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