Golden State Warriors

Report: James Wiseman could potentially return in February or even March

The timeline for the return of Warriors center James Wiseman keeps getting longer. I’m old enough to remember reports that suggested he’d be ready for training camp.

But he’s still recovering from a meniscal tear in his right knee. Wiseman’s recovery is within the Warriors’ 6-9 month return window, however, according to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Connor Letourneau. But Letourneau says that if Wiseman is not cleared for 5-on-5 work “soon,” it could be an indication that Wiseman has had a setback.

Thankfully for the Warriors, Letourneau says that’s not what he’s hearing at the moment, and all is still well. But while recent reports suggested Wiseman would return in January, Letourneau says we’ll likely have to wait a bit longer than that to see Wiseman’s season debut.

Here are the details from Letourneus’s report dated Dec. 28, in which he also stated that Wiseman’s return date is very difficult to predict at the moment.

It’s difficult to put a timeline on his return, but I expect him to be cleared for 5-on-5 work in coming days. From there, he’ll probably need at least a couple of weeks to get his conditioning up before he’s cleared for an NBA game. Mid-January would be the earliest Wiseman could return, but he might be more likely to come back in February or even March.

San Francisco Chronicle

While mid-January is still a possibility according to the above report, the Warriors are right to take their time as they have thus far, and I’m not surprised at Letourneau’s assessment, saying it “might be more likely” that Wiseman could return as late as March.

As long as Wiseman returns healthy, any of these months are fine with me. Even though the Warriors say Wiseman is still within their timeframe for return, I can’t help but get a little nervous about how long the process is taking. Time will tell, however, and officially, there is no reason to worry — for now and eventually for good, ideally.

BONUS: In another Letourneau report, he stated that Wiseman will have 5-on-5 work soon, most likely when the Warriors return from a two-game road trip after they play the Nuggets at home on Tuesday. That could put his return date back in January, depending on his conditioning.

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