Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry says it’s ‘weird’ that every 3-pointer he makes sets a new NBA record

When you set an all-time record and are still in your prime, it can get a little weird.

Or so says Golden State Warriors superstar guard Stephen Curry. He broke the NBA’s all-time mark for most 3-pointers made in league history earlier this season and on Tuesday, he made this 3,000th shot from distance, further adding to his legend. After the game — a close loss at home to the Nuggets — Curry said it’s “weird” to realize that with every 3-pointer he makes, the record book has to be rewritten.

I’m sure Curry isn’t thinking about this too much, though he’s certainly in uncharted territory.

But I’ve got to take this opportunity to say that I thought it was “weird” when Curry said he felt comfortable calling himself the best shooter of all time after he broke Ray Allen’s record in New York a couple of weeks ago. Sure, everyone says it and it’s true (although I like to say he’s the most prolific shooter of all time or the best 3-point shooter of all time), but many athletes might say something like, “I’ll leave that up to the fans” or something to that effect.

That mentality could help Curry get past the weirdness and focus on the here and now.

Curry owns it, however. Which is fine, of course. But I’m just curious how much of a burden that is to bear mentally for Curry, AKA The Golden Child. When he says that it’s “weird” to set a record with every 3-pointer, it makes me think he perhaps is thinking about it too much after all.

I’m confident the weirdness will pass, though. For now, we can simply enjoy Curry’s 3,000th 3-pointer made.

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