Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green: potential ‘competitive advantage’ within NBA health, safety rules

The NBA world is certainly used to watching Warriors forward Draymond Green argue, but it’s usually on the court. On Thursday, Golden State didn’t have the opportunity to hit the hardwood, however.

Their game against Nuggets was postponed due to a shortage of available players on Denver’s side; with a Covid-19 outbreak hitting the team, they didn’t have the required eight players needed to tip-off.

Green wouldn’t have played regardless, since he’s in the health and safety protocols himself. But he had this to say via Twitter after the news broke.

Green is apparently peeved that the Nuggets weren’t able to negotiate the new rules and have enough players ready to go. Per a report from the San Francisco Chronicle, the Nuggets had the option of signing a player with the new hardship exemption but did not due to “short notice.”

What do you think? Does Green have a legit gripe? Or is he simply blowing off some steam? Am I missing something in his tweet, as far as a specific source of his angst? I do agree that with the rules put in place by the NBA to prevent this from happening, the Nuggets perhaps could have done better.

But I also know that Covid-19 cases are at an all-time high — if you can believe it. I don’t think anyone was ready for that, Nuggets included, apparently. We’ll see what happens moving forward and hope that no more games are postponed this season, though that’s a big-time wish.


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