San Francisco 49ers

Coming soon: Look for a “Sr.” at the end of Deebo Samuel’s jersey

With so much to consider regarding the 49ers on-field prospects this season, wide receiver Deebo Samuel and his family just gave us some fantastic off-the-field news.

Samuel’s first child was born this week, making his world debut just before the calendar flipped to 2022. It’s indeed a boy, according to NBC Sports Dalton Johnson, which means that Samuel is looking for an upgrade to the back of his jersey soon.

This might be a bit of slightly negative news for 49ers fans that already have Samuel’s jersey, but at least he’s still on the team, right? Samuel has emerged as one of the most deadly weapons in the NFL this season.

Placing a “Sr.” on the back of one’s jersey is a new-ish phenomenon, and it’s pretty cool. I give credit to ex-NFL WR Steve Smith Sr. for the trend.

Was he the first NFL player to make this switch after becoming a father, or am I missing the real trendsetter? Either way, congrats do Samuel Sr. And watch out for Samuel Jr., too. I’ve got a feeling he’ll be one heck of an athlete.

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