Golden State Warriors

Report: Warriors haven’t ‘completely ruled out’ entry into NBA buyout market

As the NBA trade deadline passed on Thursday, the Golden State Warriors were silent. After general manager Bob Myers decided to stand pat, his squad lost its second-consecutive game, this time a close defeat against the Knicks at Chase Center.

In each loss, the Warriors’ lack of size upfront — punctuated by the continued absence of forward Draymond Green — was evident. The turn of events led many Warriors fans, and some pundits, to wonder aloud as to why the Warriors did nothing to address the issue via trade.

There are plenty of reasons the Warriors didn’t make a deal, however. Most notably, Golden State’s salary situation is stretched far beyond the max. Myers would also have to get rid of one of his roster pieces to add another, and the franchise apparently likes its current slate of players.

So chances of any sort of shake-up appear slim. But according to The Athletic’s Anthony Slater, there’s a chance Myers could enter the buyout market.

But plans can change. I’ve been told that, though nobody has been lined up in the buyout market, it hasn’t been completely ruled out. If the Warriors identify an opportunity — maybe Robin Lopez, Tristan Thompson or Goran Dragic — they believe represents a significant enough upgrade worth the extra repeater tax money and the loss of a valued roster player, it could be presented to Joe Lacob for approval.

Anthony Slater/The Athletic

Slater names two big men, Robin Lopez and Tristan Thompson, and an old, savvy guard in Goran Dragic. While all Slater is saying is that there is s chance, I don’t see any of those players on the Warriors this season.

Myers is clearly waiting on Greens return — along with the hopeful return of second-year center James Wiseman. That’s no secret, as both Myers and coach Steve Kerr have been open about those plans. I believe it’s the wise path to take.

Green has shown to be resilient with his injuries in the past. The Warriors are at their best when he plays small-ball center.

As for Wiseman, a little bit of his elite size and skill will go a long way for Golden State this season. He won’t have to be a starting, frontline player as he was expected to be as a rookie. He can play the same role ex-Warriors center JaVale McGee played during Golden State’s back-to-back titles in the latter half of the 2010s.

Is it a bit of a gamble? Yes. But it’s really the only hand the Warriors have to play. Except for a small chance for the buyout market. But who would Myers cut to bring another player on? And would team owner Joe Lacob think that adding a subpar, buyout player is worth the financial cost? I doubt we’ll ever find out. But as Slater says, plans can change.

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