Golden State Warriors

Report: James Wiseman scrimmages again, momentum to return ‘continues to build’

The Warriors already have one emerging superstar in forward Jonathan Kuminga, but Golden State has another potential game-changer waiting in the wings.

Second-year center James Wiseman is still attempting to get back on the court after flashing immense potential a year ago. Unfortunately for the Warriors, he suffered a torn meniscus in his knee last season and is still rehabbing after roughly 10 months of recovery time.

But after numerous setbacks to Wiseman’s recovery, including additional surgery needed after his knee kept swelling up after intensifying his workouts, he’s reportedly making positive progress without further setbacks.

That’s according to The Athletic’s Anthony Slater. Here’s his report that he revealed in his game story after the Warriors’ highly-entertaining win against the Lakers on Saturday.

James Wiseman scrimmaged in a three-on-three setting again in recent days. His knee has continued to respond well to increased activity, as the momentum toward his return continues to build. The Warriors have only one more practice before the All-Star break (a light one Tuesday), but the next real milestone will be Wiseman’s clearance for a five-on-five scrimmage.

Anthony Slater/The Athletic

Wiseman made news after playing 3-on-3 earlier this week, and that momentum hasn’t stopped. After months of setbacks, that’s exceptional news for the Warriors. Not only is Wiseman a key to the club’s future, but they also need Wiseman’s height and athleticism as soon as possible, even in limited minutes.

I think that Kuminga and Wiseman can both help the Warriors win an NBA title this year. They’re that good, and the Warriors veteran core of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green are that experienced and can make the game easier for Kuminga and Wiseman in limited roles. But Wisemen has to get healthy, obviously. Finally, it appears he’s on the right track.

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