Golden State Warriors

James Wiseman is fully healthy, could return same day as Draymond Green ‘at earliest’

It’s been a long time waiting for Warriors center James Wiseman to get healthy. And after nearly 11 months, that wait is finally over.

But we still have to wait a little longer to see him in a Golden State uniform.

Wiseman, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, will suit up for the Santa Cruz Warriors first. His scheduled two-game stint includes a game at Chase Center on Sunday.

But the main news is that Wiseman is fully healthy. It seemed for a while as though his career was in doubt after his MCL tear last season was slow to heal.

And the other main news is that there’s a chance Wiseman and forward Draymond Green, who is nursing a back injury, could return to the Warriors on the same day, March 14.

Here’s some insight on that front from The Athletic’s Anthony Slater. Below is his response to the question: How soon can we expect to see [Wiseman] in NBA action?

Not until Monday, at the earliest (which is also when Draymond Green is expected back). But that doesn’t mean he isn’t physically ready.

In recent weeks, I was told once Wiseman is physically cleared for a G-League game, he’s physically ready to play in an NBA game. The Warriors just want to send him down to a lower-stakes environment to get him reps and let him shake off some rust before the pressure builds.

Anthony Slater/The Athletic

That would be a monumental day for the Warriors. Plus, it’s Stephen Curry’s birthday. And what better gift than some added size and athleticism in the frontcourt?

Green has yet to be cleared medically, however, so we’ll have to wait and see. There are a lot of variables in the Warriors season, and Wiseman and Green are two large ones. Ideally, for Warriors fans, all of Dub Nation gets a gift on the 14th in the form of two key players they’ve waited a very long time to see on the court.

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