Golden State Warriors

Watch: Steph Curry’s biggest buckets on the way to 20K points

I started watching the Warriors in 1993. It was Chris Webber’s rookie year, and the future of the franchise was bright.

Or so I thought. After Webber’s Rookie of the Year campaign and an NBA Playoff birth, the wheels fell off the Golden State franchise. Watching terrible team after terrible team, fueled by countless head-scratching personnel decisions, I figured I’d never see a player amass 20,000 points in a Warriors uniform.

Superstar guard Stephen Curry turned Golden State into a powerhouse nearly a decade ago, however, and now, he’s joined that elite, elusive 20K club, much to my disbelief. He reached the mark in the Warriors’ 113-102 win over the Nuggets on national TV Thursday night.

In celebration, the Warriors’ official Twitter account threw together a sweet video of Curry’s most iconic shots against each NBA franchise.

I mean, inject that into my veins, please.

I’ve got just one gripe, however. It’s Curry’s shot against the Cavaliers. The Warriors’ video has Curry’s 3-point hoist in Kevin Love’s face in the 2018 NBA Finals as their selected shot.

But I’d rather any of these buckets from the 2015 NBA Finals.

The series was tied at 2-2, and personally, I think Curry should have won NBA Finals MVP based on his performance in that game. But the conversation for that award had already moved past him because Curry did struggle early in the six-game series victory.

That’s small potatoes, however. Curry has taken Warriors fans on a wild ride and becomes just the 49th player to record 20,000 points in a career. The fact that he’s worn just one uniform makes the feat extra special for Warriors fans and, undoubtedly, for Curry himself.

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