Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry to be re-evaluated on April 1 after injured foot suffered vs. Celtics

Just when the Warriors got the band back together, their frontman suffered a sizable setback.

Superstar guard Stephen Curry injured his left foot on Wednesday in Golden State’s loss against the Celtics and after an MRI, it’s been determined that he’ll be sidelined “indefinitely,” for the time being.

UPDATE: Curry will be re-evaluated in two weeks, it was announced by the Warriors on Friday. That means he’ll have no basketball activity at all until April 1. The NBA Playoffs start on April 16.

Still, it’s uncertain how much Curry’s left foot will heal in two weeks’ time. The Warriors simply have to do their best without their leader and remain optimistic about his return.

Editor’s note: Below is the rest of this article as it originally appeared on the BASH.

The initial news isn’t terrible — as in not catastrophic — but the real news is yet to come. The Warriors are waiting on the full MRI report to give Curry a timetable for return.

The news could be better than the initial report, or it could be worse. As of now, multiple reports predict Curry could miss the rest of the regular season but be ready for the playoffs on April 16.

Here’s the play that caused the sprained ligament in Curry’s left foot.

Coach Steve Kerr got pretty heated at Celtics forward Marcus Smart after the play, but it’s done now. All Golden State can do is hope for the best.

The timing for this injury could never be good, but it couldn’t be much worse. Curry’s championship teammates, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, were finally both back from injury at the same time and reunited with Curry. After 1,005 days since their last court time as a group, the trio played just 11 minutes together.

That’s brutal. Are the fellas just too old now? I don’t think that’s the case, especially with Curry. But this bad luck can’t continue much longer if they are to compete for another title, this season included.

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