Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry, Jordan Poole can be ‘twin engines’ to Warriors offense

I’m doing my best to not get carried away by how fantastic — and similar — Steph Curry and Jordan Poole look on the court together, or with how well the Warriors are playing, but general manager Bob Myers isn’t making it easy for me.

Neither is Draymond Green, who said on his podcast that Poole is playing like Curry, the two-time NBA MVP. But it’s Myers who recently said that Curry and Poole can act as “twin engines” for the Warriors’ offense.

Can we assume Curry is the main engine? I believe so, right? Man, this is getting crazy.

Here’s a portion of what Myers said and some insight from The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson.

“Realistically, the engine is Curry,” Bob Myers, the Warriors president of basketball operations, said. “And now you’re seeing maybe twin engines. Which is fun.”

What the Nuggets are learning live, and what the rest of the league is watching, is how potent the Warriors are with two guys who can get downhill at will on the court at the same time. And with so much shooting, they have the space to operate.

The Athletic/Marcus Thompson

Curry and Poole are joined of course by Klay Thompson, Green, and Andrew Wiggins in the Warriors’ new Death Lineup. But the potency of the new Death Lineup is perhaps powered by Curry and Poole, as Myers indicates.

And that’s just insane. Poole, who is just 22 years old, was floundering as a rookie not long ago, in 2020. Now, he’s a legit baby Steph Curry. They can do many of the same amazing things on the court, and it has the potential to thrust the Warriors into yet another dynasty.

Here at the BASH, we saw this coming. Sort of. It was clear that Poole had some of Curry’s qualities, but we’re talking Steph Curry here. That Poole is playing anywhere close to his level is simply astounding.

The NBA Playoffs are just beginning, but in Golden State, the air is extra fresh. Once again, the Bay Area could be onto something big. And we’ve got twin engines to power the way.

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