Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green matches LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, Larry Bird in postseason stat

The Warriors look a lot like their old selves lately. They’ve seemingly bathed in the fountain of youth as they revive their dynasty with the help of, well, youth, in the form of emerging star Jordan Poole.

But the “OG” Warriors stars still possess the most important attribute in the NBA Playoffs, along with skill: experience. Superstars Stephen Curry, Klay Thomspon, and Draymond Green have seen in all in their 10 years together in Golden State, and that will help tremendously as they trudge ahead toward a potential title.

As for Green, he looks sensational lately, and he’s hit an impressively-rare statistical benchmark in NBA Playoff history. He joins a short, elite list of NBA superstars to accumulate 200 steals and 10 triple-doubles in their postseason careers, joining LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, and Larry Bird.

Well, that certainly puts Poole’s recent success into a bit of perspective. Poole is playing out of his mind, but his fellow stars in the Warriors’ new Death Lineup, minus F Andrew Wiggins, have been playing other-worldly playoff basketball together for a decade.

For Green, in particular, this says a lot about his unique qualities. LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd and Larry Bird were all leading men throughout their careers. Green is a multiple-time All-Star, but he plays a specific role on the Warriors: defend and make plays on offense with his passing, often to elite players such as Curry, Thompson, and Poole.

But Green’s name will always belong next to the best players in NBA history. He’s that good in his unique role. He won’t light up the scoreboard, but the Warriors often will. And he’ll always be a big part of that, playing defense and leading the break, assisting his teammates, and even laying it up when he can. It’s all a part of the magic that Golden State possesses, which is elite within the history of the NBA in its own right.

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