Golden State Warriors

NBA 75: Warriors still alive vs. Celtics, look to earn official Victory Goggles by Matador Project

The Golden State Warriors are down 2-1 to the Celtics in the NBA Finals after a tough loss on Wednesday, but the veteran squad’s hopes are still very much alive. Led by superstar guard Stephen Curry, Golden State rebounded from a 2-1 deficit to win The Finals in 2015, after all.

Ultimately, however, only one team can win the NBA title this year — and enjoy the time-honored tradition of a rowdy locker-room champagne shower to celebrate the Larry O’Brien championship trophy.

And for the NBA’s 75th anniversary, the league teamed up with ESPN and Matador Project to bring official NBA Victory Goggles to the winning team’s locker room, colored, naturally, in champagne.

NBA Finals Victory Goggle, Exclusively Designed, Produced by Matador Project, in partnership with the NBA/ESPN

I speak for most of my readers in saying I sincerely hope the Warriors get to wear these stylish Victory Goggles as they spray one another with delicious NBA Finals champagne.

Though the official Victory Goggles aren’t for retail sale, you may have already seen this exclusive eyewear on social media. I know I did. My mutual follow on Twitter, “CountOnVic” got herself a pair. What can I say? She has connections most of us can only dream of.

Vic can only “guess” she’s ready to celebrate because her Lakers weren’t even in the NBA Playoffs, let alone the NBA Finals.

Vic still got a ton of positive feedback for this year’s first-ever NBA Victory Goggles.

Plus, Matador Project sent Vic and others a bottle of Moet & Chandon and a branded NBA x ESPN towel so they can celebrate along with the winners. That will (or might?) help her feel better about her beloved Lakers.

Speaking of the winners of this year’s NBA Championship: the Warriors, as I said, are still very much alive. They face a near must-win game on Friday, but with their firepower on offense, led by Curry and his Splash Brother Klay Thompson, they’re never out of any game or series until the final whistle.

Other Warriors must step up on offense, however, and the team defense has to play like it did in Game 2, led by Draymond Green. When a winner is decided, the BASH will have photos of the winning locker room, and I’ll include them in one of my season-ending blog posts.

I have no problem saying (again) that I really hope Curry and his teammates get to have a champagne shower and wear these sweet-looking goggles. I keep thinking of 2016, when they looked physically outmatched by the Thunder in the NBA Western Conference Finals and still won in seven games, despite being down 3-1.

That’s the type of effort the Warriors need now. Maybe they should take a look at the Victory Goggles for extra motivation. Being the first team to have their own eyewear — with the NBA75 logo blazed in a champagne color that looks dangerously similar to Golden State Gold — would be yet another feather in the cap for Curry and the illustrious Warriors franchise.

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