Golden State Warriors

Skip Bayless says the Warriors ‘make me sick’ after watching championship parade in SF

The Warriors have always had “haters,” dating back to the first NBA championship of the Steph Curry era.

And their latest Larry O’Brien trophy isn’t going to stop that, to be sure.

After their fourth title in eight seasons, however, the Warriors haters have quieted down quite a bit, with Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and the entire roster clapping back and celebrating with wild abandon to perhaps rub it in. In fact, Fox Sports personality Skip Bayless, a notorious hater, said Golden State’s celebration made him “sick.”

This clip is fantastic. Though Bayless is speaking for himself here, there’s no doubt in my mind that this is how many NBA fans felt — if they even had the stomach to watch the Warriors celebrate on San Franciso’s Market Street, that is.

Bayless mentioned Curry being “showboaty” on the court, and he was likely talking about this play from the third quarter (third quarter!) of Game 6.

And here’s some more of what Bayless hated on, starting with Curry the GOAT.

Yeah, most NBA fans (Bayless acts a lot like a fan, just sayin’) would be miffed that it’s not their team having fun in the sun in June as NBA champs. so it’s all good. Especially because the Warriors are good enough to win another one next year and make Bayless sick once again, along with most of the NBA.

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