Golden State Warriors SF Pro Am

Juan Toscano-Anderson will be at SF Pro-Am as his Bay Raiders play for the championship

When Juan Toscano-Anderson made an appearance at the SF Pro-Am earlier this summer, it was definitely noteworthy. But more noteworthy to me was this: his Bay Raiders made the playoffs, giving JTA another opportunity to play at Kezar Gym down the line when the stakes are high.

The Bay Raiders made it through the playoffs and will now face Bay City for the Pro-Am championship. I had to reach out to Toscano-Anderson via Twitter and ask him if he’d be there.

He replied and told me he’d be there for Game 2 of the three-game championship series, which is on Wednesday at 8 pm.

I should note that JTA didn’t say he’d play, but he got on the court the last time he was at Kezar. But if he was merely in attendance, that would be worth noting in its own right.

Game 1 is on Monday, and regardless of what happens in that contest, the stakes will certainly be high on Wednesday. Either the Bay Raiders will be one win away from a title, or they’ll need to win to force a Game 3 against Bay City.

Props to Toscano-Anderson for adding some NBA spice to the SF Pro-Am, and for not forgetting his time as an MVP at the summertime league (2017). Pro-Am leagues have gotten a lot of press lately, especially with LeBron James appearing at the Drew League in Los Angeles.

Toscano-Anderson will be teammates with James in the 2022-23 season, but he’s still repping his home, the Bay Area. It’s no wonder he was a fan favorite as the Warriors fought their way back to an NBA title, culminating in Golden State’s Game 6 victory against the Celtics.

So while the SF Pro-Am is always a haven for Bay Area hoop heads, Wednesday night will be more lit than usual, with a beloved reigning NBA champ in the house. Monday will be an event as well, as the championship series always is. I’m curious if JTA will show up again if the series goes three games.

But for now, I plan on being there on Wednesday to watch the show. Will you be there? Parking is extremely limited, so take a ride share or public transit if you attend. Any effort to get there will be rewarded with a tradition like none other, the SF Pro-Am championship, which is a true Bay Area original, just like JTA.

UPDATE: Toscano-Anderson played almost the entire game on Wednesday, but his Bay Raiders lost a close one, 101-100. Bay City was down at halftime but took over in the third quarter, led by guard Kenny Woodard. This year’s SF Pro-Am championship will be decided on Friday in Game 3 of the Finals.

Altogether, it was a great show for the Bay Area. Here are some clips of JTA at the intimate Kezar Gym.

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