Golden State Warriors

Warriors throwback: Andrew Bogut’s passing skills at center a sight to behold

One of my favorite Warriors of all time is center Andrew Bogut. The trade that brought Bogut to Golden State — and sent fan-favorite Monta Ellis to Milwaukee — was a turning point for the Golden State franchise, ultimately leading to an NBA title in 2015.

Bogut brought a supreme toughness to the Warriors — especially on defense — that was essential as the franchise began to build its dynasty. On offense, he paired perfectly with Golden State’s star players, most notably Steph Curry, thanks to his incredible passing skills.

To commemorate NBA Assist Week, the Warriors’ official Twitter account compiled some of Bogut’s best passes and produced this entertaining highlight reel. Some of these assists are just insane.

Those plays bring back a lot of good memories — and some bad ones too, unfortunately. Bogut was a central figure on the Warriors’ 73-win team that lost the NBA Finals in seven games in 2016.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get back to all the good times Bogut helped the Warriors provide. I’ll especially remember how well he played alongside Curry in the 2013 NBA Playoffs against the Nuggets. During that series win, the vision for the Warriors’ championship destiny became clear.

For proof, here’s a photo from my days as a baker, holding the San Francisco Chronicle Sporting Green the day after Golden State moved to the second round, where they ultimately lost to the Spurs in six games.

If you couldn’t tell, I was cocky as hell when I was a baker.

I still have that newspaper, laminated and affixed to my wall. In fact, when I have video calls for work, that newspaper is what my colleagues see as scenery behind me.

So good on the Warriors for keeping Bogut on the short list of Warriors legends, especially in relation to the current dynasty. Without Bogut, none of it would have happened. I firmly believe that. I’ll always treasure the 2013 squad and Bogut’s tenure in Golden State, and it’s always nice to hear from Bogut himself on that wild timeframe in Warriors history, via his podcast or Twitter.

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