Jordan Poole, Draymond Green lead Warriors’ new second unit

Draymond Green's move into the Warriors' 2nd unit can help him and Jordan Poole get past "The Punch."

A significant factor in the Warriors’ slow start this season has been the lackluster play of Golden State’s second unit. But coach Steve Kerr has found a solution, at least temporarily.

He’s inserted forward Draymond Green into his reserve group, and Green is in charge, ensuring they tread water until superstar Steph Curry comes back into the game.

Kerr’s move also pairs Green with guard Jordan Poole, the Warriors’ budding star and 6th man off the bench. As we can all recall, Green punched Poole before the season began. I’ve pontificated, as have others, that the punch is another major factor in Golden State’s slow start.

But as Green and Poole help lead Kerr’s second unit, Poole will grow more comfortable working with Green on the court, according to Green. I think that can only help any lingering feelings about “The Punch.”

“If we continue to get stops with that unit, then we can get out and really push the tempo,” Green said. “That’ll be to the benefit of that unit. As Jordan (Poole) gets more comfortable with me in that group, it’ll free him up some as well in transition. I think that’s got to be a focus of that group.”

The Athletic

Green’s presence is sure to help Poole fulfill his potential. Curry and Green form one of the most potent one-two punches in NBA history, as Green knows how to get Curry open looks and work off Curry’s incredible skill set. Poole, as crazy as it sounds, owns skills that compare to Curry’s.

As Poole and Green grow on the court together, it will help the Warriors off the hardwood, too. I have no inside information, but I can almost guarantee there are some emotions left over from Green’s punch, mostly on Poole’s end. We’ll wait and see if Kerr’s move continues to pay dividends and potentially brings Green and Poole closer together.

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