Golden State Warriors

Steve Kerr says he’d love for Warriors rookie C James Wiseman to get advice from Kevin Garnett

Blossoming rookie center James Wiseman has a lot of players on the Warriors to learn from. But none of them are 7-feet tall, like Wiseman is.

That’s probably at least one reason why coach Steve Kerr singled out one of the best 7-footers of all time, Kevin Garnett, when asked whom he’d like Wiseman to seek advice from, according to Connor Letoureau of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Furthermore, Garnett was a top-5 selection in the draft, like Wiseman, and Garnett entered the NBA out of high school; Wiseman played just three games in college and is 19 years old.

Wiseman would do well to at least watch some tape of Garnett, if he hasn’t already. Here’s some highlights of the former MVP with the Timberwolves and NBA champion with the Boston Celtics.

Garnett developed a wicked mid-range face-up game, which Wiseman has already shown the skills to emulate. Eventually, Wiseman may start to play with at least a portion of the passion that Garnett would display on a regular basis. Though time will tell on that one.

Another aspect of NBA life Wiseman could ask Garnett about is longevity. The Warriors need Wiseman to be a foundational piece for years to come, and Garnett played an incredible 22 years in the NBA.

If Wiseman could have half the career Garnett had, he will have been successful. But the Warriors are trying to win championships. Coach Kerr thinks that end would be aided by a chat from Wiseman to KG.

(Photo credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports)

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