Golden State Warriors

Warriors set up a workout with James Wiseman, Kevin Garnett but injury forces backup plan

For the Golden State Warriors — plus its fans and observers — James Wiseman’s knee injury is definitely a bummer.

But can you imagine how Wiseman feels? He was set up for an offseason workout with one of his chosen NBA role models, former NBA champion and league MVP, forward/center Kevin Garnett. Because of Wiseman’s meniscus tear in his knee, general manager Bob Myers said the team has moved to a backup plan: former Warriors reserve F/C David West.

West will no doubt help Wiseman in some fashion. But even coach Steve Kerr wanted Wiseman and Garnett to work out. Were Wiseman healthy, he could have got the schooling of lifetime battling Garnett near the bucket.

Garnett thrived in the 2000s, so here’s a refresher or perhaps another schooling as only Garnett can do. Known for his intensity (which is presumably the reason for Myers’ comment) and drafted out of high school, Garnett is a Hall of Famer and a true legend.

Garnett was clearly a beast, but so was West. His career isn’t as decorated as Garnett’s, but he’s a two-time NBA All Star and can 100 percent teach Wiseman a thing or two.

But how much can wisdom can he impart on Wiseman while he’s injured? That’s uncertain. As I said, Wiseman’s injury is a real bummer.

Still: he’s young, he’ll be back at full strength (presumably with the Warriors) and ideally ready for training camp. And if this foiled Warriors plan is any indication, the franchise will do all it can to ensure success for its young center.

(Photo credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports)

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