Golden State Warriors

Is there more to Steph Curry’s right-foot tweak than a simple ankle-tape issue?

Is there more to Stephen Curry’s right-foot issue from Friday night than was initially reported? One Bay Area columnist seems to think so.

Curry tweaked his right foot early in Golden State’s 118-97 win over the Denver Nuggets, hitting the locker room for about five minutes before returning to lead his team to victory. His foot still appeared to bother him when he returned, however, and he even changed shoes during the game.

Postgame, he said it was an issue with his ankle “tape,” which refers to all his ankle dressing/protection, which is quite extensive due to his history of ankle injuries.

Okay, that statement from Curry makes some sense. He appeared more comfortable on his ankle as the game rolled on.

But then Curry said the ankle tweak wasn’t as bad as his left-ankle twist suffered against the Celtics last weekend, and that he hoped his right foot would be better by Sunday.

Well that’s curious. The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson, who knows Curry well after collaborating on a book with the superstar, put the pieces together. He thinks the right foot has issues beyond a bad tape job.

It’s always shaky territory to speculate on an injury, so I won’t do much of that here. I’ll just say that Curry appeared to be affected by the issue when he was on the floor. Therefore, it’s something to keep an eye on, as Curry alluded to. That means the issue likely goes beyond ankle dressing, as Thompson suggested.

Or perhaps Curry is being intentionally vague. He had to change shoes, and it’s possible he didn’t want to reveal a defect in his custom-branded Under Armour shoes.

Either way, Curry’s ankles are never a fun subject. He’s had multiple surgeries on his right ankle, so this mysterious tweak is not fun to speculate about. Whatever the real issue is, Curry doesn’t seem too alarmed, and that’s the best news out of this hazy situation.

(Photo credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)

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