Golden State Warriors

Watch: Warriors’ Stephen Curry yells at referee, gets rare technical foul

What a weird and emphatic win for the Golden State Warriors on Friday night. They beat the formidable Nuggets with relative ease, led by superstar Stephen Curry’s 32 points and forward Draymond Green’s 19 assists.

Before the final 118-97 tally, however, Curry had a mysterious issue with his right foot, which caused him to hit the locker room for a few minutes. He returned, and though Curry’s foot appeared to still bother him, he later said it was an issue with his ankle taping.

Curry has had multiple surgeries on his right ankle, so that’s pretty spooky.

The injury apparently put Curry in a surly mood, too. The superstar got heated as he very rarely does, drawing a technical foul in the second half. Check it out here via an oddly-named Twitter account (ahh, Twitter).

Here’s a closer look from another angle.

Wow! It’s very rare to see Curry so angry on the floor. I don’t recall ever seeing that during the regular season. Curry just couldn’t take getting fouled on his jumpshot anymore, apparently.

Plus, after his run of 11 straight games scoring 30 or more points ended in the Warriors’ loss to the Wizards, his rough first half against the Nuggets must have added to his angst. The best way to defend Curry is to be physical with him, and his frustration definitely boiled over.

And it worked for Golden State on this night. Here’s more fire from Curry, post technical foul against the Nuggets.

Now, all we need as assurance about that right foot. Next up for Golden State, a matchup against the Kings on Sunday at Chase Center.

(Photo credit: John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports)

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