San Francisco 49ers

A new era in San Francisco: 49ers select QB Trey Lance in the NFL Draft

Bay Area, welcome to the Trey Lance era of San Francisco 49ers football.

General manager John Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan chose their quarterback of the future after keeping the NFL world waiting with anticipation. Everyone knew how the first two picks would play out, but not a soul knew how No. 3 would go, not even Lance.

The 49ers traded a haul of draft picks to move up in this years NFL Draft, and they selected a QB despite already having Jimmy Garoppolo on their roster. It’s possible that Garoppolo could stick around and start until Lance is ready for live action. Lance is from FCS level North Dakota State, and he only played 18 games there.

But Lance is nearly 6-foot-4, and he’s roughly 225 pounds, he can move, and he can make all the throws. Check out some highlights courtesy of the 49ers’ official Twitter account.

This is quite the move from Lynch and Shanahan. Lance’s tenure with the 49ers is an enormous story, and one we can sit back and watch for years to come. Ideally for the 49ers, the show will be a good one. Their future depends nearly entirely on this selection. That’s why it’s such big story.

But with the skills Lance looks to have, Shanahan should have fun implementing Lance into his offense. The coach’s system relies on movement and keeping the defense off balance, and is said to be forgiving on quarterbacks. Most notably, the scheme often leaves its QB with open space outside the pocket, and Lance should excel there.

Now the 49ers have a whole draft to go to fill in the pieces. They want to get back to the Super Bowl ASAP, but many roster holes still remain. But that QB of the future thing, that’s been sorted out.

(Photo credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)

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