San Francisco 49ers

‘No setbacks’ for 49ers DE Nick Bosa as he returns from ACL tear

The San Francisco 49ers have to pay a lot of attention to the quarterback position, with incumbent starter Jimmy Garoppolo holding off hard-charging rookie QB Trey Lance. But defense is always paramount in the NFL, and one of the 49ers’ best defenders is on track for a healthy return from a major injury.

According to 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan, defensive end Nick Bosa is still slated to play Week 1 against the Lions — or more precisely, that remains the plan. Bosa has returned to practice after an ACL tear in his knee, suffered on Sept. 20 of last year.

Bosa has trained hard to rehab his knee, as evidenced by offseason workout videos. As Shanahan says, however, he’s doing great “right now.” The most important goal here is having a healthy Bosa during what figures to be a playoff run, or even a run to the Super Bowl.

That’s why I say it could be a good idea to bring Bosa along slowly. It’s yet to be a year since his ACL tear, and the injury also included a tear in his meniscus, according to The Athletic.

But it appears Bosa will be ready to go at some point, if not Week 1. He’s a vital piece to the 49ers, and Shanahan’s medical staff is undoubtedly studying Bosa’s health closely, looking to clear him as soon as responsibly possible.

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