Golden State Warriors

Watch: Steph Curry erupts at official, gets rare technical foul — again

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry surprised the NBA world on Sunday by showing anger toward an official and drawing a rare technical foul. His verbal outburst was of course followed by an avalanche of buckets that buried the Clippers on the way to a Warriors win.

But “Mount Curry” will sometimes erupt in such a manner. The last eruption was last April against the Nuggets when Curry dang near looked prepared to fight a referee after a perceived non-call on a three-point shot.

That looked pretty serious, as was the case on Sunday. Check it out:

Curry went on to pour his anger into the bucket, eventually giving a “T” sign to, presumably, the referee that gave him a technical foul.

Curry plays with joy that is rare, but this makes it clear that there is a fire burning inside. Once in a while, if he’s set off, Curry will erupt. The Clippers probably wish that foul was called, that’s for sure, after the Warriors’ 105-90 win.

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