San Francisco 49ers

49ers’ Trent Williams has hilarious description of Nick Bosa’s pass-rush prowess

49ers defensive end Nick Bosa is having a monster year, but his teammate, offensive tackle Trent Williams, sounds as if he believes Bosa is a literal creature fit for science-fiction.

Or something close to that, anyway. After the 49ers’ win against the Falcons on Sunday, postseason award buzz for Bosa increased exponentially. Williams added more fuel to the fire, saying that if a mad scientist — or anyone in need of a stout defense — sought out to create the ideal pass rusher, they’d end up with Bosa.

That’s simply a fantastic quote from Williams. He should know what the ideal DE should look like, too, being an elite player himself at offensive tackle, often tasked with blocking the NFL’s best pass rushers.

In fact, both Williams and Bosa were named starters on the NFC Pro Bowl team on Wednesday. So were fullback Kyle Juszczyk, tight end George Kittle, and wide receiver Deebo Samuel.

Some of those guys could have been created in a lab, too, but arguably none are having the season Bosa is — nobody knew what to expect from the third-year pro after he tore his ACL early last season. But he has 15 QB sacks through 14 games, along with a lot of other impressive statistical accomplishments.

It’s led to a lot of speculation about Bosa’s chances to earn the Comeback Player of the Year Award or the Defensive Player of the Year Award, and he’s even generated some very early Hall-of-Fame buzz.

And I should mention it’s no huge surprise Bosa appears lab-made. He has a rich football tradition in his family. Most notably, his brother, Joey Bosa, is a standout DE for the Chargers. But wherever he came from exactly, the 49ers must be elated to have such a young, monster-like talent hungry to punish any and every NFL quarterback he can find.

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