Golden State Warriors

Watch: Steph Curry’s ‘best’ 3-pointer vs. every NBA team

Warriors guard Stephen Curry has made a lot of 3-pointers —more than 3,000 as of this week. So when the Warriors’ official Twitter account decided to pick Curry’s best 3-point shot against every NBA team and make a video, it probably took a lot of work.

Here are the fruits of their labor. Sit back and enjoy the stylings of The Golden Child from beyond the arc, and perhaps grab some popcorn while you’re at it, as the tweet suggests.

Now that was a trip down memory lane. Some of it recent memory, most notably Curry’s record-breaking shot against the Knicks in New York.

Some other thoughts: I would have liked Curry’s shot against the Cavaliers to have been his razzle-dazzle display against Matthew Dellavedova in Game 6 of the 2015 NBA Finals. Dellavedova was hounding Curry, incredibly, but Curry came out on top, of course. I think this was the play below; but I’m not sure, Curry cooked him multiple ties in that vital game. On the play I’m thinking of, Curry had a nice smirk for the TV camera which I think is way underplayed in NBA lore.

Plus, the best Curry 3-pointer of all time is, almost unquestionably, his “Double Bang” shot in Oklahoma City, which was featured in the video. I can watch that all day.

Which Steh Curry 3-pointer is your favorite? With so many to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

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