Golden State Warriors

James Wiseman in health and safety protocols, Steve Kerr says it’s a ‘minor setback’ to recovery

Just when it appeared Warriors center James Wiseman was ready to test his healed knee in live basketball drills, he suffered what is, by now, a familiar problem in the NBA.

He tested positive for Covid-19 and has entered the league’s health and safety protocols. While he feels good and is asymptomatic, according to coach Steve Kerr, Wiseman must now quarantine for a number of days before resuming his comeback from a torn meniscus in his right knee.

Here’s Kerr himself on the matter. He calls Wiseman’s positive test a “minor setback” among other comments.

When I first read this tweet, I was curious what Kerr meant by “another” setback, given that Wiseman’s recovery time has gotten longer and longer as the months have gone on.

But I think Kerr was simply alluding to Wiseman’s illness during last season’s abbreviated training camp and the multiple injuries sustained in his young career thus far, including an injured wrist last year. Everything appears to be on schedule with Wiseman’s knee, but he’ll get an extra amount of time to heal at this point, I suppose. I’m sure he’s itching to make it count when he finally plays 5-on-5, his last step before rejoining the club.

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