Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green confirms that yes, Moses Moody has ‘that winner gene’

When NBA fans think of Warriors forward Draymond Green, a variety of thoughts come to mind. And what those thoughts are, exactly, will usually depend on whether you’re a Warriors fan or not.

But everyone can agree: the guy is a winner. He’s willed Golden State to a ton of victories over the years since he was drafted No. 35 overall by GM Bob Myers. And he’s made the difference in many a championship game. (Including those he didn’t appear in due to suspension. Okay, enough said about that.)

The point is, he’s a winner — and he can recognize if other players have that “dog” in them as he does. And when he watches Warriors rookie guard Moses Moody play, he sees a player that will do what it takes to win at any cost. How do I know? Twitter, of course. Here’s Green’s response to a rhetorical question from The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson.

Simply stated and to the point. Green likely got an eyeful of Moody’s recent run of quality play, especially in Golden State’s surprise win over the Spurs in San Antonio on Tuesday. The Warriors were ridiculously short-handed, missing seven rotation players, including Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Green.

And though Moody hit six 3-pointers in that game (the most by a Warriors rookie since Curry hit seven), the most important sequence of the game saw Moody hit the hardwood in pursuit of the basketball and a win, floor burns be damned.

That’s undoubtedly part of what convinced Green that he has another winner on his hands in Moody. And that’s the entire idea in Golden State. The franchise, led by team owner Joe Lacob, wants to win championships now and develop the 19-year-old Moody, his fellow teenager Jonathan Kuminga, and — ideally — second-year center James Wiseman, who is still injured. Third-year G Jordan Poole is still at the kid’s table, if you will, as well.

The entire win now/win later scheme is crazy enough to work, but only because of the talent and winning attitude of the Warriors young core. And just as many NBA fans despise Green for winning, Lacob must hope NBA fans despise Moody, Kuminga, Poole, and Wiseman with the same ferocity years down the line.

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