Golden State Warriors

Warriors’ Steph Curry: ‘Whoever we play in the playoffs, we’ll be ready’

Will the Warriors be a dangerous team in this year’s NBA Playoffs? It’s an open question, as the second half of the season has not gone as planned for Golden State, especially considering a late injury to superstar guard Stephen Curry.

But while Curry is out until the start of the playoffs, at the very least, he’s confident the Warriors will be ready for any team they face. That’s probably a good attitude. Golden State is in danger of sliding in the standings, leaving its potential first-round opponent in doubt.

Here’s part of what he told NBC Sports’ Anthony Flores on the matter from an interview on Friday.

“Hopefully, [I’m] doing everything I can to get fully healthy for a playoff run,” Curry said. “And that’s what it’s all about at this point in time. Being there for my teammates, trying to finish the season strong, and know that whoever we play in the playoffs, we’ll be ready.”

Here’s footage of Curry’s comment, courtesy of Flores.

Entering Saturday’s NBA action, the Warriors sat in third place in the Western Conference, one game ahead of the Mavericks in the loss column. Golden State is just two games ahead of the fifth-place Jazz and three games ahead of the sixth-place Nuggets with five games left in their season.

Curry and the Warriors figure to play one of those teams in the first round, and all of them, Warriors included, are about evenly matched. That’s probably part of the reason Curry says Golden State will be ready for any team it faces.

The playoffs will be an uphill climb for the Warriors, however, since the end of the season hasn’t provided a time to gel as a team, which was the plan all campaign long. Curry and his championship teammates Klay Thompson and Draymond Green have played just 11 minutes together this year. Ideally for Golden State, they’ll pick up where they left off way back in 2019 when they reached the NBA Finals together with a subpar supporting cast.

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