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Cowboys’ Micah Parsons: Steph Curry’s greatness similar to Michael Jordan’s

According to Cowboys All-Pro defensive end Micah Parsons, there’s some solace for people born too late to see NBA all-time great Michael Jordan play live basketball.

It’s that they get to watch Warriors superstar guard Stephen Curry. After Curry pushed Golden State to a wild comeback victory over the Mavericks in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, Parsons took to Twitter to look ahead to the future, when he can tell youngsters that yep, he was lucky enough to watch the great Curry play basketball, just as many say today in relation to Jordan (myself included).

Curry’s performance against Dallas, (the Mavericks, not the Cowboys) was indeed one to remember, especially if the Warriors can complete their march toward another NBA title. Curry helped facilitate a dynamic Warriors offense and played solid defense to lead his team back from a 19-point deficit — and then he closed the Mavericks out with a cold dagger 3-pointer and an even colder “Night-Night” celebration.

My word. Curry even said the words “night-night.” That is indeed some Michael Jordan-type savagery. Here’s what coach Steve Kerr said about The Golden Child’s closing act, which put the Warriors up 2-0 in the series.

“I thought Steph kind of smelled blood in the water those last five minutes,” Kerr said, “and he got to his spots. We had good spacing, and he got in in the middle of (the) paint, and he finished. … So Steph did what Steph does, something like that.”

The Athletic

It sounds like Kerr has seen this level of greatness from Curry before because of course, he has.

It’s debatable whether Curry is the best point guard ever as Parsons says, but another great NBA point guard, Magic Johnson, was impressed with Curry, too. (I feel obligated to point out that Parsons didn’t watch Magic play live, either.)

There’s certainly a lot of greatness in this post — Jordan, Magic, Curry, and even Parsons, who took the NFL by storm in 2021.

But when Curry gets compared to Jordan, that’s my favorite thing in the sporting world. It happens fairly often, which is truly incredible. Curry is compared to Jordan more than megastar LeBron James, for example. And I’ll definitely always write about any such comparison.

For Warriors fans and followers to really have some fun, however, Curry and the Warriors need to win this season’s NBA championship. If they can pull it off, Curry and his team will become even more of a legend when Parsons sits his grandkids down and tells them the incredible tale of The Golden Child, AKA Stephen Curry.

EXTRA: Parsons caught some flack from Dallas NBA fans but doubled down on his admiration for Curry.

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