Golden State Warriors

Warriors ratings on NBA 2K23 revealed

The Golden State Warriors already won it all in 2022, as they beat the Celtics in the NBA Finals — in the league’s 75th anniversary season, no less.

But there are always more accolades to earn in the NBA and more acclaim to be bestowed, even in the offseason.

One such case is player ratings from NBA 2K, the most popular NBA video game on the market. Many wanted to know: would Warriors superstar Stephen Curry earn the highest rating in the game? He just had a sensational season, after all, capped by his NBA Finals MVP performance.

Though the game will come out later this week on Sept. 9, some ratings have been revealed and leaked, and the answer to the Curry question is … no. Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo has the top spot, followed closely by Curry and others.

Taking a look at the above list, Curry’s Warriors defeated four of the players in the NBA 2K top 11 on the way to the NBA title. Though Curry didn’t get the top spot, that’s a sweet consolation prize.

As for the rest of the Warriors, here are their ratings. Curry is the highest-rated player by far, with no other Warrior above 83, let alone in the 90s.

Courtesy Reddit, /u/SadMathematician7799

If one took these ratings to heart, they kind of destroy the notion that Curry has tons of help from his teammates and is the beneficiary of a “Superteam.” Here’s the tweet I got the list from, courtesy of GSWReddit.

I don’t play NBA 2K, so I don’t have a ton of takeaways here. But it is interesting that youngsters Jonathan Kuminga and James Wiseman are the highest-rated Warriors after Golden State’s top five, along with starting center Kevon Looney, who is rated at 77, just like Wiseman.

I’m also intrigued by the fact that Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins, and Klay Thompson have identical ratings. That’s remarkable considering their completely different skill sets.

But they got at least one thing right: Curry is the leader of the pack in Golden State. We already knew that, however. Though some think Curry is the leader of the pack in the entire NBA, his 96 rating — and his four NBA titles — will have to do.

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