Golden State Warriors

Warriors cap NBA’s 75th season with victory, official NBA Victory Goggles by Matador Project

Not long ago, when the Warriors were down 2-1 in their NBA Finals series with the Boston Celtics, it appeared to many that Golden State had met its match in the young squad from Boston.

But as the BASH pointed out, the Warriors, led by superstar Stephen Curry, had come back from a 2-1 deficit to win the NBA Finals before, so they could do it again. As most know by now, history repeated itself. Golden State beat the Celtics three times in a row and won the NBA title in six games, much to the delight of Dub Nation.

As for the Warriors roster, they started the party almost immediately with a champagne-soaked locker-room celebration, as is league tradition. And for the NBA’s 75th anniversary season, the league partnered with ESPN to supply Warriors players with official NBA Victory Goggles by Matador Project.

And just to think, it could have been the Celtics partying in style with official NBA eyewear, not the Dubs. That would be a shame, especially with the Victory Goggles’ champagne color being so close to Golden State Warriors gold.

I want to talk about how special it is that the Warriors won it all on the NBA’s 75h anniversary, but first, here are some great photos of the jubilant locker room, courtesy of Matador Project.

JTA in Victory Goggles; Courtesy Matador Project (Photo: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)
Steve Kerr in Victory Goggles; Courtesy Matador Project (Photo: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)
Victory Goggles doing work; Courtesy Matador Project (Photo: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

Now that’s what I call a party. Though some players opted for other goggles (I’m looking at you, Steph), I personally love the look of Matador Project’s Victory Goggles. They have a classy appeal that is befitting of a 75th anniversary season.

NBA Finals Victory Goggle, Exclusively Designed, Produced by Matador Project, in partnership with the NBA/ESPN

By the looks of it, superstar Draymond Green finds them appealing as well. Here he is talking some audacious trash from the locker-room party sporting the official NBA eyewear.

And of course, Green’s revenge tour is still going strong, as he torches the entire NBA for doubting his beloved Dubs.

What a magical season for NBA basketball in the Bay Area. Of the many, many aspects of this NBA title to love, the Warriors — one of only three remaining original NBA franchises — beat another original franchise, the Celtics, in the league’s 75th-anniversary campaign.

It just so happens that the Celtics are NBA royalty, with 17 league titles in their franchise history. Now, the Warriors franchise is elite, too. Though Golden State has a long way to go to reach the prestige of the Celtics, this NBA Finals win puts them among the best franchises in league history, not just one of the oldest.

Not bad for a team that used to be an NBA afterthought. And best of all, (perhaps) they’re set up to win more in the near future, with Curry still in his prime, amazingly, at 34 years of age, and Klay Thompson and Green still going strong.

So what do you think? Victory Goggles for the Warriors, same time next year? It’s a distinct possibility. But there will never be another season like this one, from the opening tip in October until that boisterous, champagne-soaked, officially-licensed locker-room celebration.

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