San Francisco 49ers

Michael Irvin says 49ers QB Brock Purdy reminds him of an ‘athletic Tom Brady’

Everybody loves the backup quarterback when he relieves the starter and wins the game. Right now, many are in love with 49ers backup-turned-starter, Brock Purdy.

Purdy entered the 49ers’ eventual win over the Dolphins on Sunday after starter Jimmy Garoppolo broke his foot. He performed well enough to earn some fans, perhaps none larger than former NFL wide receiver and current NFL Media analyst Michael Irvin.

While on-air with 95.7 The Game in San Francisco, Irvin said Purdy reminded him of a “little better athletic Tom Brady.”

“The Greatest hope, and it’s okay to dream like this: what if Purdy is Tom Brady?” Irvin also said. “A smart guy that runs the system and knows how to beat you shoulders up.”

Irvin says it’s okay to dream, and he is dreaming big for Purdy. It’s true that anything is possible, and I agree that Purdy looked like he knew coach Kyle Shanahan’s system very well. But Brady is arguably the best QB in NFL history, so Irvin’s statement is pretty wild.

But Irvin’s greater point, perhaps, is that it’s possible Purdy is much better than we expect. Chances are, the 49ers will need Garoppolo to return during the playoffs, as recent reports have suggested he could do. First, Purdy has to get them there. If he’s anything close to what Irvin is dreaming of, the 49ers are in good — no, great — hands.

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