Golden State Warriors

Klay Thompson once again proves he’s an all-time great, hits a dozen 3-pointers vs. Thunder

If Klay Thompson didn’t miss two-plus NBA seasons due to injury, there’d be no debating his elite status in league history. But Thompson did miss extended time during his prime, and lately, he’s reminding everyone what we missed.

He’s also reminding the league that he’s perhaps the second-best shooter in NBA history, only behind his Splash Brother, Stephen Curry. Thompson had his best scoring month ever in January and on Monday, he lit up the Thunder for 42 points and 12 made 3-pointers.

Take a look at them in the clip below. Thompson scored his points without the benefit of a free throw, too. In the end, the Warriors won going away, and Klay nearly broke his own NBA record of 14 3-pointers made.

As the above tweet says, Thompson’s performance was a rarity in the NBA. The only two players to have multiple games of 12 made 3-pointers or more are Thompson and Curry.

Thompson’s performance provided a needed boost to the team because Curry is out with injury for a couple of weeks with a banged-up knee. He’ll be back before the season is over though. In the meantime, the Warriors will fight to stay afloat in a wide-open Western Conference.

If Thompson can keep filling up the score sheet as he’s been doing, Golden State may rise in the standings by the time Curry returns. Thompson is great enough to carry the team for a stretch, and he clearly doesn’t need Curry’s help to thrive.

It’s always Strength in Numbers for the Warriors, however. Along with guard Jordan Poole and forwards Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins, Thompson will lead the way because he’s simply one of the best shooters and players to ever play professional basketball, and he’ll keep proving it if he has to.

(Photo credit Bill Aboott/Flickr)

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