Oakland Athletics

A’s react to viral photos of meager postgame meals for their minor leaguers

It’s gotta be said: the Oakland Athletics are known for being cheap. So when players in the franchise’s minor league system sent photos of meager-looking postgame meals to an advocacy group, the published photos caught fire on social media fairly quickly.

Athletics president Dave Kaval took to Twitter just over an hour after Advocates for Minor Leaguers posted the photos. Here’s what he said, and notice he uses the term “was,” right away. His defense seems to be that this issue has been taken care of already.

It must feel good for Kaval to have a relatively easy problem to tackle. He’s in the midst of simultaneously looking for a new home city for the Athletics and working on a $12 billion stadium/mixed-use project on the Oakland waterfront.

And while some might say that free food is free food, and perhaps that minor league players are happy to get what they can, the above food is barely worth the trouble of serving. It’s difficult to believe the A’s couldn’t spend frugally and still get much better meals that those.

But hey, Kaval is already on top of it, apparently. Good for him, and good for the A’s minor league squads. Perhaps Kaval can parlay this fix into a “yes” vote from the Oakland City Council in July, regarding their proposed project at Howard Terminal, right next to the Port of Oakland.

(Photo credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports)

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