Golden State Warriors

Warriors’ Steve Kerr says James Wiseman ‘on schedule’ for healthy start to training camp

More than a month ago, the Golden State Warriors hoped and thought center James Wiseman would be ready for training camp in time, after having rehabbed an MCL tear in his knee.

Now, coach Steve Kerr sends word that Wiseman, the No. 2 overall choice in the 2020 NBA Draft, will indeed be cleared for basketball activities when camp rolls round. He said as much during a lengthy interview with The Athletic’s Anthony Slater.

What about Wiseman and his knee? Does he remain on line to open camp?

He’s right on schedule for everything and, as of now, medical team tells me he will be ready for camp.

The Athletic

This must come as a huge relief to the Warriors front office. Even if Wiseman is traded to another team, as many NBA observers have speculated, this helps to increase his value or at least maintain it.

But it’s more than likely that Wiseman will be with Golden State in the upcoming campaign. It’s imperative that Kerr learn how to better implement Wiseman into a team dominated by the playing style of superstar guard Stephen Curry. Last season, the Warriors actually played worse when Wiseman was on the floor.

Wiseman was playing better with Curry by his side when his MCL injury occurred, however, and Kerr likely can’t wait to pick up where that process left off. Will Wiseman eventually become one of the Warriors key players this season and into the future, or will he be trade bait? Either way, it starts with health, and Wiseman’s progress is welcome and perhaps essential for Golden State.

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