Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green: Jonathan Kuminga thinks he’s ‘the swaggiest guy walking the earth’

The Golen State Warriors are 4-1 early in the 2021-22 NBA campaign, and they’ve gotten off to their fast start without two key young prospects.

With one of their talented youngsters — rookie forward Jonathan Kuminga — scheduled to make his professional debut soon, probably on Saturday against the Thunder, Warriors forward Draymond Green was asked what he thought of the 19-year-old, who hails from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

His first comment addressed Kuminga’s apparent high level of “swag.”

Green’s comment about Kuminga’s swagger came with the wry, wise smile of an elder. Green is right: Kuminga has not been shy in saying he believes he can be the best in the NBA someday and lead the Warriors to championships. That’s a heck of a comment to make on a team with three players — Green, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson — that have led Golden State to multiple titles already and plan to do the same again.

Plus, Kuminga’s fits have been plenty flashy as he sits in street clothes while healing from a right patellar tendon strain.

Green’s telling smile lets us know he realizes he has a task in front of him, as do Curry and Thompson, and that’s to school Kuminga as they’ve never schooled anyone before; and the same goes for second-year center James Wiseman. The Warriors’ Big Three could very well need Kuminga’s height, size, and skill this season in their championship hunt. Ditto for Wiseman.

Golden State wants to meld its veteran players with its extremely young list of prospects, led by Kuminga and Wiseman, and if the franchise is to succeed in that end, Green and his knowing smile, along with the Splash Brothers, Curry and Thompson have to make it happen.

But first things first, as we await Kuminga’s debut, which could come tonight or not. But it will happen soon. Not bad for the swaggiest guy in the world.

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