Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry passes notorious ex-Warriors guard on NBA’s All-Time scoring list

Catharsis. It’s a bit of a fancy word, meaning “the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.” It’s usually used around art, so the word has been around a long time. And this relief is a long time coming. Plus, basketball is art, and that all explains why we’re here, or something like that.

Basically, a horrid event in Warriors-land was finally rectified in a way on Tuesday night by the great Stephen Curry. Curry passed former Warriors guard Latrell Sprewell on the NBA’s All-time scoring list, according to Warriors PR.

I used to have Sprewell’s poser on my wall. We can start there. He was First Team All-NBA at shooting guard the YEAR AFTER MICHAEL JORDAN RETIRED FOR THE FIRST TIME! He replaced Michael Jordan, alright?

He was a dynamic slasher that excelled at defense and even developed a 3-point shot before it was cool. “Spree for three!” I can still hear Tim Roye. He starred on the first Warriors team I watched religiously, in 1993-1994, alongside rookie Chris Webber. That team was super dope and made the playoffs, even without Tim Hardaway, who was injured.

But then the franchise fell apart after Webber forced his way out and Sprewell became so disgruntled that he choked Warriors head coach P.J. Carlesimo during practice. Yes, that happened. (Click here for info from the History channel.) That was in 1997. Sprewell was suspended for the remainder of the year (the incident happened early in the campaign).

The Warriors had to trade him for a bucket of chicken (my term for basically nothing in this case John Starks and Chris Mills and maybe others I forget), and were stuck in futiity for years.

Until Stephen Curry came along. It’s ironic that Don Nelson, the same coach/GM that ruined it with Webber, had a hand in bringing Curry in. But thank you, Mr. Curry. Sprewell’s mark has been dusted by a truly great Warrior (I don’t have a Steph poster though okay?), and catharsis is a wonderful thing.

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